Welcome to the Web of GENPOL. This project is Financed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy. Reference: CSO2012-32009 and by the Centro de Investigaciones Sociologicas (CIS).
GENPOL analyses the reasons explaining the persistent gender inequalities in political interest, knowledge, and behaviour in Spain. Notwithstanding the improvement in gender equality in political power and resources in industrialised democracies, women appear to know less and to be less interested in politics than men. Furthermore this pattern holds across all Western industrial democracies.
The uneven distribution of knowledge between men and women raises a number of normative concerns. If women systematically have lower levels of knowledge than men, this would imply a clear disadvantage in women’s capacity to voice their political wants and needs, and thus to influence the political decision-making process. As a consequence, women may be less represented in the democratic system. In short, gender differences in knowledge constitute a key dimension of political under-representation both historically and currently, which merits the attention of researchers and politicians.