To analyse these questions a part of the team (Marta Fraile, Monica Ferrín and Gema García) have designed a face-to-face survey which was carried out on a representative sample of the Spanish population (n= 2962). We won anational competition: Modulo de encuesta 2012 (funded by the CIS-Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas). Data from this survey will be available soon.

We have also designed and conducted an on line survey on a representative sample of the Spanish population (N =1248). Our main objective was to disentangle the extent to which men and women hold divergent conceptualizations of the political. To this aim we combined three types of questions in the online survey, considering the limitations and advantages of each of them. Preliminary Results of part of the evidence of this survey was presented at EPSA, 2014. This year we will present other papers at the 4th European Conference on Gender and Politics (organised by the ECPR standing group on gender and politics), to be held in Uppsala in June 2015