Within the framework of this project we have produced some manuscripts that are currently under review:

  • Monica Ferrín, Marta Fraile and Gema Garcia. 2015. The gender gap in political knowledge: is it all about guessing? An experimental approach. R&R.
  • Marta Fraile, Monica Ferrín and Gema García. 2015. The Gender Gap in Knowledge Revisited.
  • Marta Fraile and Carol Galais. 2015. When social networks sites meet electoral campaigns: A panel analysis of the informative effects of social media in Spain.
  • Marta Fraile and Pavlos Vasilopoulos 2015. Studying the persistent gender gap in political knowledge: evidence from Greece.

We are currently working in the following manuscripts:

      • Monica Ferrín, Marta Fraile, Raúl Gómez and Gema García. 2015. What is Politics?  Women and Men’s Conceptions of the Political.
      • Marta Fraile and Raul Gómez. 2015. Scrutinizing the Gender Gap in Political Interest in Europe: A comparative Study.
      • Gema García, Mónica Ferrín and Marta Fraile. 2015. Young’s Adults Gender Gap in Political Knowledge: a life cycle approach.
      • Marta Fraile and Xabier Meilán. 2015. The Gender Gap in Exposure to news.
      • Monica Ferrín and Marta Fraile. 2015. Gendering the Antecedents of Political Knowledge: An alternative way to understand the gender gap.